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With the new TRUMP Administration, NATIONAL RECIPROCATION   Could Become  a reality in the near future. 

Get your CCW license NOW, so as to be grandfathered in as requirements could change under New National Reciprocation !

The Ohio Course Includes:

•    Ohio CCW Laws & Current Law Changes
•    Class Study on Ohio AG Law Book
•    Pistol Parts and Operation
•    Ammunition
•    Using Pistol Safely
•    Operating a Pistol
•    Cleaning, Storing and Transporting
•    Shooting Fundamentals
•    Shooting Positions
•    Buying a Handgun
•    Gun Care & Cleaning
•    Written Testing


2-hours Live-Fire Range Time:

•    2 Hours of Live Fire Practice and Testing

Items Needed For Class:

•    Safe Working Handgun
•    100 rounds of ammunition
•    Drivers License or State Photo ID
•    Hearing & Eye Protection, optional
•    Notebook & pen optional



Bring your own snacks and drinks as we take only short breaks.   We go out for 1 hours lunch.

Payable at Time of Class Scheduling

No Refunds - only Reschedule

See Web Site for Current Pricing 
and  Further Info

Requirements for Ohio CCW:

  1. Legally Living in the United States
  2. 21 Years Of Age
  3. If resides in another state, be employed in this state
  4. Completed Application
  5. Color photograph taken within the last 30 days
  6. Set of fingerprints
  7. Certification of competency with a firearm

Applicant will be disqualified if any of the following apply:

  1. Been discharged from the armed forces of the United States under dishonorable conditions.
  2. Fugitive from justice.
  3. Under indictment for or otherwise charged with a felony:
    • an offense that involves the illegal possession, use, sale, administration, or distribution of or trafficking in a drug of abuse.
    • a misdemeanor offense of violence.
    • or a violation Falsification, Revoked or Suspended concealed handgun license of the Revised Code
  4. Within three years of the date of the application:
    • been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor offense of violence other than a misdemeanor violation of Resisting Arrest
    • a violation of section Assault of a peace officer.
    • a misdemeanor violation of section Falsification of Concealed Handgun License or possess a revoked or suspended Concealed Handgun License
  5. Been convicted of, pleaded guilty to a violation of Domestic Violence or a similar violation in another state (felony or minor misdemeanor) per US Supreme Court 6/27/16.
  6. Renounced my United States citizenship.
  7. Not able to pass NICS background check as of 3/23/15
C I V I L L I A N - C L A S S meets O H I O   R E Q U I R E M E N T S
for Concealed Carry LICENSE
OHIO RESIDENT covers 42 States   [Ohio Fee $67 for 5 years}  $14 per year
OHIO Non-Resident only, covers 34 states

8-hours Ohio Requirement — NRA Certified Instructor
Class begins at 9:00 am — gate opens at 8:50 am [summer hrs]


6-hours Class Study on Ohio Attorney General Law Book
& Basic Pistol Safety Course based on *NRA Basic Pistol Course
2-hours Range Time shooting - Live Fire

CCW4U2 Certificate of Training & Competency to take to Sheriff Office
"A certificate of completion of a class that was open to the public that used instructors approved by the NRA or Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission (OPOTC), or approved instructors of another state and was offered under the authority of a law enforcement agency of Ohio or another state, college, or firearms training school that meets the minimum educational requirements." 
...Ohio Concealed Carry Laws, page 2


If you DO NOT have a license, you may not transport a firearm in a vehicle unless it is unloaded and carried in the following ways:

  • In a closed package, box or case,
  • In a compartment that can be reached only by leaving vehicle
  • In plain sight and secured in a rack or holder made for that purpose [i.e. rifle or shotgun]
  • No ammunition is in the firearm in question, and no ammunition is loaded into a magazine or speed loader that may be used with the firearm in question, and that it is located no where connected to the firearm. [i.e. gun in trunk and ammunition in glove box or console]
ORC 2923.16(B) and (C) and (K)(1)(a) govern how firearms must be transported in a vehicle without  CHL

All OH classes after 3/23/15 will be 8 hours due to new state law.
Class begins at 9 am sharp. Gate opens at 8:45 am, and closes at 9:05 am.
Since class time has been shortened, there is lots of material to cover in less time,
therefore we cannot start late.  If you are late, you will need to reschedule.

Some Ohio Sheriffs' may not accept the new On-Line Certifications unless they have all their training credentials and verification of time spend on the on-line course presented on their Certification.  You will also need your range portion of the course verified.  Some instructors may not offer this shortened Range Certification option.  Before spending your money on ON-LINE-COURSE make sure it will be accepted at your local Sheriff office..

The Reason We Suggest Wives or other Family Members take Class on the same Day:

from..."What SB184 "Castle Doctrine" means to you:  Part IV  —  Transportation of Unloaded Firearms
By Jim Irving  07/10/2008
http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/node/5781/  [near bottom of article]
"For anyone who has both a CHL and a spouse, I highly recommend your spouse obtain their CHL even if they never plan to carry a gun. It is the cheapest form of insurance you will find for being charged with your loaded gun if you must leave your weapon with them in a vehicle."
  • If you have a CCW Permit, the plain sight provision has been removed from law, therefore, a loaded gun can be carried in a holster in console or glovebox.
  • If for any reason you exit vehicle without the gun and your wife is in vehicle, she could be charged for having access to a loaded gun.
  • This could happen even if you stepped out of vehicle for a moment to talk to a law officer.  She would then be at risk.
  • Carrying a CCW Permit would offer her protection at all times from prosecution, even if she elects never to carry a gun herself. 
  • It is also a great idea to have members of family educated in gun operation and safety.
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